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COVERT, published in hardcover in 2008, to superlative reviews, is the true story of current NBA referee Bob Delaney's early life when in 1975, as a young New Jersey State Trooper, he was sent undercover in a highly dangerous FBI/New Jersey Police sting operation aimed at infiltrating and uncovering mob control of the New Jersey waterfront.


For two and half years, Delaney awoke every morning to face the very real possibility of his own death.  More than thirty members of the Genovese and Bruno families were indicted as a result of Delaney's work.  However, Delaney did not go unscathed; suffering severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for years afterwards.  It was his love of basketball and great determination that helped bring him from an emotional abyss to a place of honor in the NBA.


Producers: Larry Spiegel & Judy Goldstein, Edward Scott & Brendan Burns.

One of USA Today's Best Books of the Year!

​"A mob-infiltration memoir for the Sopranos age."        -The New York Times

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