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An American teenager learns she is the product of a Serbian rape camp. She also learns she has a twin sister who has been long presumed dead. 

Mirror investigates the aftermath of the Bosnian war as seen through the eyes of Alex DeLaney, and her fifteen-year-old daughter, Madison.  Alex is an American forensic pathologist and a trailblazer in the cutting edge world of DNA technology. Madison is a healthy teen full of energy and optimism with a gift for photography. Her twin sister, Keira, raised in a Bosnian-orphanage, is brilliant, hardened and bent on revenge.

This story deals with children whose very existence is a testament to the ravages of war. Mirror is a twisting tale of mothers and daughters immersed in a cliff hanger thriller that races relentlessly towards a perilous reunion between two sisters. 


Producers: Edward Scott/Brendan Burns
Story & treatment by Brendan Burns

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