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In 1940, a highly secret organization was formed in London with specific orders from Winston Churchill to set Europe ablaze. This clandestine group was the SOE (Special Operations Executive). Flying in the face of tradition, the SOE began the highly unorthodox practice of recruiting and training female volunteers. Their character and loyalty had to be unquestionable; their courage, unimaginable. They were to be dropped by parachute behind enemy lines, in France, as secret agents. 


The women of the SOE were trained in weapons, explosives, sabotage, silent killing and subversion. They would maintain a manufactured identity in the face of the Nazi-occupiers' constant scrutiny. An agent's capture meant, without question, torture, concentration camp, and ultimately, death. 

Hidden Valor tells the true stories of six courageous women; key operatives on treacherous missions faced with the constant threat of death as the clock ticked closer to D-Day.  This diverse group all possessed, as their commander put it, "essential guts."


Survival odds are as high as only one in two agents returning from SOE missions.


​Executive Producers: Edward Scott & Brendan Burns

Status: Bible completed for 8 episode limited series written by Brendan Burns

Scott|Burns productions conducted a rare videotaped interview with Nancy Wake in London; she was the most highly decorated woman of WWII.

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