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Freshwater Road is a coming of age story that deals with Celeste Tyree, a beautiful black woman of 19 who leaves the safety of her University of Michigan dorm for the turbulence of Mississippi. It is 1964 and this is an extremely dangerous thing to do... The summer of '64 would become known as Freedom Summer.

The award-winning novel by groundbreaking actress Denise Nicholas has been hailed by the
Washington Post as "Superb...  The best work of fiction on the Civil Rights Movement since The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman" ; Ms. Nicholas received the prestigious
Hurston Wright Legacy Award for Freshwater Road.

Ms. Nicholas has seamlessly adapted her novel into a searing and poignant screenplay.

Director: Kevin Hooks

Producers: Edward Scott, Brendan Burns, Denise Nicholas, Frank Tobin


"Nicholas' textured characters unfold against the background of an historic encounter that
was destined to change America forever." - Sidney Poitier 

"Breathtaking... Perhaps the best work of fiction ever done about the civil rights movement"  - Newsday

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