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​Freshwater Road

​What a wonderful surprise Denise Nichola's novel is. Her textured characters unfold against the background of an historic encounter that was destined to change America forever. --  Sidney Poitier

London Loves Freshwater Road

A journey of shocking discovery in the heat of Freedom Summer (Read More)

Hypnotic... Nicholas conjures an insidious mood of fear and writes with lyrical prose.  -  Entertianment Weekly

FRESHWATER ROAD is certain to be recognized as one of the most important novels ever written about the civil rights movement.  It brings that time alive in ways that underscores its relevance to today.  It tells a powerful story of a young woman's coming of age that's made even more resonant by its setting during this flashpoint in recent history. - BOOK REVIEW

Breathtaking... Perhaps the best work of fiction ever done about the civil rights movement. This magnificent work deserves not only accolades, but a large, avid readership.  - NEWSDAY

In her rich, absorbing novel, actress Nicholas follows a young woman South to "trench Mississippi, gutbucket Mississippi" during the summer of 1964... Sometimes gorgeous, sometimes terrifying, this novel marks the debut of a talented writer.  -  Publishers Weekly

Vivid, intricate and powerful; a book that will make you squirm with discomfort and dread,breathe with relief, then gasp with outrage.

Terri Schlichenmeyer Syndicated Columnist

Extraordinary... impassioned prose, full-blooded characters, and rich feeling.  -  Pages

With spare, powerful sentences that quietly sneak up on you, Nicholas smoothly transports us to a not-so-distant past for a reflection of the civil rights movement's subtle triumphs.- Essence

​Nicholas has a genuine way with words, a keen grasp of visual and emotional metaphor, and the novel illuminates the internal consequences of institutionalized racismand the often-suppressed connections between South and North. -Chicago Tribune

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