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  Scott/Burns Productions, in partnership with Appledown Films has acquired the motion picture rights to “Cast No Shadow” a biography by Mary S. Lovell (author of “Amelia” the feature starring Hilary Swank).  Craig Gerber is set to pen the screenplay. Edward J. Scott & Brendan Burns will produce with Larry Spiegel and Judy Goldstein.     

     The spellbinding true story of “Betty” Pack, American debutante turned spy who, with seductive ingenuity, became one of a handful of World War II super spies. She was an unsung heroine whose genius, intellect and stunning beauty served as an effective weapon against Nazi domination. Betty Pack literally changed the course of WWII. 


“She had a force, or magnetism, to a terrifying degree. It leapt like light from the whole of her, not just from her green eyes or wide smile. The trick of making a man feel he is her entire universe is an old feminine wile, but Betty had it to the nth degree.” – British Security Chief, Hartford Montgomery Hyde.


Whether executing a prison escape in blood-soaked Madrid during the chaos of Spain’s Civil War, unraveling vital pieces of the Enigma code puzzle by seducing Poland’s security chief or by engineering the brazen burglary of the Vichy Embassy in Washington D.C. through a torrid affair; Betty was constantly fueling the growing legend of secret agent Pack. Her powers as a seductress and her unflinching ability to remain cool in the face of danger and even death amazed the most seasoned of agents. The story concludes with an extraordinary irony… Her final assignment becomes the love of her life.

 “The information she provided was crucial… Betty Pack changed the course of the war and in doing so, saved tens of thousands of lives.” -  Colonel Ellery Huntington


*.... Under Lovell’s skilful handling Pack emerges as a woman of extraordinary courage, daring, intelligence, and character. In short, the perfect spy…" - A.J.A. Binker, ‘Critical Thinking’ Santa Rosa

* " ........  fast-paced narrative describes such events as Pack’s role in cracking the German Enigma enciphering machine …[and] concludes that Pack’s life, whatever its flaws, is the story of a woman who did not let down the side…"
New York Times Book Review.