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The critically acclaimed, award winning novel by Denise Nicholas has been optioned by Scott/Burns Productions with Frank Tobin and partnered with Appledown Films.                           


   Celeste Tyree, a beautiful black woman of 19 leaves the safety of her University of Michigan dorm for Mississippi…. It is 1964 and this is an extremely dangerous thing to do. 

 Young people, both black and white came from all corners of the United States with a common goal: register African-Americans to vote and in doing so were risking it all - their innocence was to be lost but soon replaced by a formidable courage … these freedom fighters’ sheer bravery planted the seeds for the America we know today. Freshwater is a testament to the vitality, intelligence and unbridled exuberance of Celeste Tyree and these extraordinary young people who accomplished so much during the historic summer of '64. 

 This period is now known as “Freedom Summer”… Celeste Tyree immersed herself in this dangerous cause without her parent’s permission…When this 19 year-old’s father learns his daughter is now in the very lethal Mississippi, he’s overcome with fear for his child, angered over her behavior, and helpless to do a damn thing about it 

 Celeste survives police bullets shattering her car windshield and shots fired into her home. She endures arrests and a brutal beating, living with the threat that every new day may bring the possibility of physical abuse, incarceration and even death…The airwaves buzz with news of the disappearance of three young civil rights workers in Mississippi.

 The moment Celeste’s eyes land on Cajun civil rights organizer, Ed Jolivette, there’s a spark – the instant Jolivette spots this stunning 19 year-old he’s taken… This relationship is incendiary… Watching Celeste Tyree dance just might stop a man from breathing.

     When Celeste, Jolivette and their fellow freedom fighters raise glasses in celebration and congratulation as “Freedom Summer” comes to an end, these very bold and very young Americans know that their lives will never be the same … and that change is in the air.      


 * “Superb… surely the best work of fiction about the civil rights movement since Earnest J. Gaines’s “THE AUTOBIOGRAPY OF MISS JANE PITTMAN” … Nicholas manages to be intimate and epic simultaneously. – The Washington Post

 *  Nicholas’ textured characters unfold against the background of an historic encounter that was destined to change America forever. – Sydney Poitier

 *  Breathtaking … Perhaps the best work of fiction ever done about the civil rights movement. – Newsday